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Good afternoon! This isn't one of my usual garden renovation posts, however I thought this definitely deserved a shout out and to be celebrated. It's all in the little wins, I think we all need to do better at celebrating our achievements and how far we've come on our own individual journeys. I started my own #gardendesign business early last year, having trained for a year with the brilliant Oxford College of Garden Design. It's been a whirlwind of learning, not only design but also running my own business. And of course there has been that little thing called (shhh) Covid and renovating our own home and garden and everything else our glorious lives have to offer. It's safe to say it's been quite an intense year for me, thank you James & my family for your never ending support. Thank you also to my amazing clients who have entrusted their gardens to me, you are all rather fabulous. Anyway, earlier today I received a lovely email from @MuddyStilettos announcing I'd been nominated by one of their readers (a big thank you to whoever you are). I'm not one to ever shout about my achievements but today I thought why the hell not! So yes, please do go out there and vote, not just for me if you love what I do, but for all those other small businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk who are doing a fine job day in, day out. Let's give them the recognition they deserve and help put a grin on their face.

So thank you to the very kind person who has nominated my business for the Muddy Stiletto Awards 2021. Here's to supporting each other and making someone else's day ahead.

Links to nominate Eleanor Victoria Garden Design & any of your other favourite local businesses within #Norfolk or #Suffolk:

Thank you! #cheers - E

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