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Our first few months

As you may or may not know from my last post we moved into our new home in September 2019. Well what a garden we inherited, from the bedroom windows the views out over the garden, blending with the countryside and trees beyond were just incredible.

You couldn't see where our garden ended or where the countryside began... It was rather dreamy in that respect.

However the garden was also very much in need of some serious TLC. Luckily this was pre-Covid so my parents were in the fortunate position of being roped in to help us start clearing the garden.

The horrendously ugly concrete path running directly down the middle of the garden did serve a purpose for the many wheel barrow journeys that would take place over the next months. And just look at all of those shrubs! They were really quite overgrown and unkempt but looking back I do miss the lush feel of the plot as it was.

You know how I mentioned the immaculate vegetable plot? Well we were feasting on onions, potatoes and parsnips for quite a few months... Thank you Albert, they really were delicious. We also had a small crop of asparagus, which we also had to dig up. However we have very recently replanted a raised bed in his honour, with eight baby asparagus crowns to get going. What an investment!

A garden may work perfectly for one owner but not quite tick the boxes of the next, quite a few people will stick it out not knowing what to do with the space or make a few small changes. As we will stay in this home for a good few years now, it's well worth us starting over, however harsh that may seem at the time.

We would like a garden of beauty but maybe a little more controlled than this, a space to grow our own produce but not quite in the middle of the garden, space for relaxing surrounded by beautiful planting and space for outside dining and entertaining (we also dream of the day we might be able to have a wood fired hot tub too...). As I'm sure you can imagine too, I'm certain this was a stunning garden in its prime, however we took it on as an tired, old plot.

And so the clearing began:

I look forward to showing you more of our progress and sharing our plans for the garden... Take care guys and speak soon. #gardendesignnorfolk #gardenclearance #landscaping #inmygarden

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