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Eleanor Victoria Garden Design is an award winning professional landscape and garden design studio, based along the Norfolk Suffolk border. Trained by one of the top contemporary design schools in the world, Oxford college of Garden Design, our friendly design team seamlessly blends both the contemporary and the traditional. Complementing the architecture, period and style of your home with high quality garden design and beautiful, elegant planting, all tailored to create the garden of your dreams. 


Have you recently moved home and inherited a new garden? It may be a little on the wild side or just doesn't quite work for you. Have you invested in that beautiful new extension which has left your garden little more than a building site? Or have your children left home and you finally have the opportunity to invest in your garden, making it just right for you. However your situation we offer a full and professional garden design service. Supporting you from conception of your bespoke design through to completion of your new garden, including concept design, construction detailing, planting plans, sourcing plants and styling your finished garden. Click here to find out more about our process.

Why get your garden professionally designed?

A well designed garden not only becomes a useful and beautiful space, providing another sanctuary for your family, it can also significantly increase the value of your home. It may seem rather an extravagant venture at the outset, yet if you compare it to an extension or a new kitchen suite, then it's most definitely a worthwhile investment. A good garden designer will create a useable outdoors space, one that is in harmony with your surrounding landscape and grows with you, evolving over time, giving you endless pleasure. 


Whether you dream of a restful retreat; a space for the whole family; a wildlife haven or a garden for entertaining, our friendly and professional design team, based in Norfolk, can work with you to create a garden that suits both your needs and budget whilst still looking fabulous. Gardens are such incredibly special places for you to retreat into for a moment of peace in increasingly hectic lifestyles, whoever you are and what ever you love doing.

We truly believe all one needs after a hectic day or week in the office, is to come home to beautiful garden and be surround by a natural space that soothes the body and soul. Call or email us today to discuss your upcoming garden project.

Our ethos

We believe that every combination of house, garden, location and client is utterly unique and therefore each project is intrinsically different. There is 'no one size fits all' in designing the perfect garden. Every house and the very people who live within it require and wish for different things. We will help seamlessly blend your house into its surroundings, respecting and complimenting local materials and the spirit of place to bring a harmony into your home and garden. We relish projects from small family gardens to large country estates and everything in-between, whether you love a highly modern garden or one with a more traditional feel. We work alongside extremely experienced professional landscapers to bring your bespoke garden design to life. 

We are as a species growing increasingly aware of our impact on the environment but also the incredibly positive impact of nature on our health and well-being. With a background in both the natural sciences and medicine I remain extremely passionate about minimising our footprint on this incredible planet, whilst simultaneously reinforcing the benefits of positive interactions with nature. From designing wildlife friendly gardens with access for fauna to pass through, water features for creatures to drink from and trees to hide and nest in, we source high quality materials locally wherever possible and create beautiful outdoor spaces that help you reconnect with nature and your surrounding environment.

A little bit about Eleanor

Gardens have always played a huge part in Eleanor's life. She looks back with great fondness on growing up in her family home in Suffolk, with many an hour spent in the garden over the long summer holidays. Some of her fondest memories are of warm summers playing in the garden, getting muddy hands digging up the bounty of home sown potatoes, chasing after frogs when the lawn was being mown, pond dipping for newts and all sorts of curious creatures and creating dens in the branches of overgrown conifers. And so the love of wildlife, plants and being outdoors was nurtured.

She still enjoys being outside more than anything and is currently nearing the finish line in renovating her own home and garden in Norfolk, including creating a kitchen garden in which to grow her own cut flowers and vegetables. Other passions include anything and everything creative; painting, sketching, wandering beautiful places with her trusted camera in hand and bird song in the air.

She does truly believe, as once said by Thomas Church, a world-renowned landscape architect, that 'gardens are for people'. 


Pre-Registered member of the 
Society of Garden Designers 

Diploma in Residential Landscape Architecture 
Oxford College of Garden Design
Physician Associate Studies MSc
University of East Anglia

Zoology BSc
University of Sheffield

Eleanor Wolfe


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